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Vacuum Pump Lubricants

Sumoil's line of refrigeration lubricants has been designed to meet or exceed all OEM specifications. Each of our lubricants has been specifically formulated to provide the highest level of service possible. This has been achieved not only by our understanding of the complex chemistry of lubrication, but also by our understanding of the mechanics of refrigeration. In addition to outstanding customer service, the following programs are available to our worldwide customer base:

bullet  Technical support on all lubricant related questions
bullet  Industry leading customer service
bullet  Customized lubricant development for most applications available upon request.

Diester Based Formulations
Diester Based Vacuum Pump Lubricant
SVAC-DE-15 to SVAC-DE-150
  bullet  Superior carbon and varnish control
  bullet  Reduces downtime and maintenance
  bullet  Low vapor pressure
  bullet  Excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion

Food Grade Formulations
Food Grade Vacuum Pump Lubricant
SVAC-FG-15 to SVAC-FG-150
  bullet  Approved by USDA for H-1
  bullet  Complies with requirements for FDA 21 CFR 178.3570
  bullet  Very low vapor pressure
  bullet  Excellent fluid life
  bullet  Excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion
  bullet  Very low volatility

Full Synthetic Formulations
Full Synthetic Vacuum Pump Lubricant
SVAC-15 to SVAC-150
  bullet  Very low vapor pressure
  bullet  Very low volatility
  bullet  Excellent chemical and thermal stability
  bullet  High flash point
  bullet  Superior resistance against water contamination

Partial and Semi-Synthetic Formulations
Partial-Synthetic Formulation
SS-VAC-15 to SS-VAC-150
  bullet  Good oxidative stability
  bullet  Very good protection against wear, rust, corrosion
  bullet  Good film strength
  bullet  Low volatility

Run Clean Formulation
PS-VAC-15 to PS-VAC-150
  bullet  Reduces carbon and varnish buildup
  bullet  Reduced downtime and maintenance
  bullet  Excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion
  bullet  Excellent thermal and chemical stability

Vacuum Pump Cleaner Fluids
Vacuum Pump Cleaner and Lubricant
SVAC-Cleaner-15 to SVAC-Cleaner-150
  bullet  Fully formulation cleaner and vacuum pump cleaner
  bullet  Low vapor pressure
  bullet  Intended for use in carboned and varnished vacuum pumps
  bullet  Typically will clean a varnished compressor in 2,000 hours
  bullet  Excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion