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Refrigeration Lubricants

Sumoil's line of refrigeration lubricants has been designed to meet or exceed all OEM specifications. Each of our lubricants has been specifically formulated to provide the highest level of service possible. This has been achieved not only by our understanding of the complex chemistry of lubrication, but also by our understanding of the mechanics of refrigeration. In addition to outstanding customer service, the following programs are available to our worldwide customer base:

bullet  Technical support on all lubricant related questions
bullet  Industry leading customer service
bullet  Customized lubricant development for most applications available upon request.

PDF Refrigeration Cross Reference Refrigeration Cross Reference

Ammonia Compressor Fluids
2-Stage Hydrocracked Ammonia Compressor Fluid
  bullet  Equivalent to Vilter-717, FES #1, Frick #9
  bullet  Top-off compatibility with most ammonia compressor fluids (i.e. Capella-68, Frick #3, MyCold-AB, etc.)
  bullet  Very low volatility and low solubility with ammonia
  bullet  Very long fluid life
  bullet  Can reduce oil carry-over by 50-80%
  bullet  Excellent low temperature fluidity
  bullet  Available with pout points as low as -82°F and also as food grade formulations

Direct Expansion (DX) Ammonia Compressor Fluid
  bullet  Excellent solubility with ammonia
  bullet  Long fluid life
  bullet  Excellent low temperature fluidity
  bullet  Top-off compatible with most ammonia DX compressor lubricants

Ammonia Pump Fluids
Ammonia Pump Fluid
  bullet  Highly stable
  bullet  Excellent low temperature fluidity
  bullet  Low volatility and solubility with ammonia
  bullet  Excellent film strength and anti-wear properties
  bullet  Long fluid life
  bullet  Excellent rust and corrosion control

CFC and HCFC Refrigeration Fluids
ABR Compressor Fluid
  bullet  Unsurpassed solubility in HCFC and blended refrigeration systems
  bullet  Excellent rust and corrosion control
  bullet  High film strength and anti-wear properties

Mineral Oil
  bullet  Superior solubility in HCFC and blended refrigeration systems
  bullet  Excellent rust and corrosion control
  bullet  Very high film strength and anti-wear properties

CO2 Refrigeration Fluids
CO2 Compressor Fluid
  bullet  Excellent thermal and oxidative stability in CO2 refrigeration systems
  bullet  Low volatility
  bullet  Excellent low temperature fluidity
  bullet  Enhanced rust and corrosion protection

HFC Refrigeration Fluids
POE Compressor Fluid
  bullet  Superior carbon and varnish control
  bullet  Reduces downtime and maintenance
  bullet  Low vapor pressure
  bullet  Excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion

PAG Refrigeration Fluids
PAG Refrigeration Fluids
  bullet  Polyalkylene glycol refrigeration fluid
  bullet  Excellent wear, rust, and corrosion control
  bullet  Long fluid life
  bullet  Enhanced compatibility with HFC refrigerants

Spiral Freezer and Chain Lubricants
Spiral Freezer and Chain Lubricant
  bullet  Formulated for spiral freezers operating between -30°F and -80°F
  bullet  Meets USDA H-1 requirements for incidental food contact
  bullet  Offers excellent protection in extreme cold temperature environments
  bullet  Provides superior performance in very cold and humid environments